What is SETS Freehold?

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  • Never a dull moment. You might get tired, but you will never get bored. Our ever-changing, bootcamp-style classes keep your body moving and your mind engaged.
  • Broadens your horizons. In each session, you’ll use different equipment, from kettlebells to rowers, steppers and bikes, to TRX and bands, and you’ll perform different movements, from burpees to shuttle sprints and much more. New challenges are around the corner every day!
  • A full-body challenge. Your muscles will constantly be stimulated as you run through HIIT-style intervals of cardio and strength training that spike your heart rate and ignite your metabolism. Our timed workout format allows you to measure your progress as you get fitter and faster.
  • Everyone belongs. The beauty of our program is not only in its variety but it’s “scalability” for every body type and fitness level. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a first-time exerciser, we modify movements and weights to meet your needs. You’ll feel challenged, but also competent. We encourage members to go at their pace, focused on their goals, and once you meet a goal, set a new one!
  • Results! Plain and simple, our members see changes in their bodies and their fitness levels. Regardless of starting point, you will make progress with our Hybrid Training program.
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$21 FOR 21 DAYS

$21 FOR 21 DAYS



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